Sterialization Center
The safety and well-being of clients and staff members are our primary concern. This is why Paradise Nail Spa has implemented the system for decontamination. All metal implements used during treatments, including nippers, clippers, metal pushers, drill bits and tweezers are then sealed in an envelope and sterialized in a steam autoclave similar to those used in dental offices.
Disposable Implements
The implements in our salon that have the potential to become contaminated that are not easily capable of being sterialized, such as buffers, nail files, foot pumices, and wax applicators are designated for one-time use.
Spa Pedicure Stations
Paradise Nail Spa using special designated Crystal clean Pipe-Free pedicure foot spas. Aside from being quiter and more soothing, basin are easier to sanitize and disinfect as there are no places like jets, filters and tubes for bacteria to lurk and thrive. Our spa chairs thrones are cleaned and throughly after each guest. We sterialized and disinfected follow by an EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfection solution.
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